Here’s how TagMango is helping Nrupam, a full-time mural Artist, scaled up and become India’s No.1 Creator



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Who is Nrupam?

Nrupam is an interior designer turned full-time, self-taught mural artist.Ditching her boring full-time job as an interior designer, Nrupam let her creative juices flow in the form of murals. She’s painted 50+ murals. Home-bound and practically out of work during lockdown, she took up teaching. And, ever since that, she regularly conducts workshops on TagMango.

Right from basics of art to how to make money as an artist, Nrupam is imparting her know-how and changing lives.So far, she has made Rs 6 lakh (USD 7600) on TagMango. She aspires to be India's no.1 Creator and is working really hard towards that.

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How Nrupam uses TagMango?

Here’s a list of tools Nrupam uses to scale her workshop and course business

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Nrupam knows how to incentivise her loyal audiences. She uses personalised coupon codes for them. She even attracts new students who cannot afford to spend through friendly discounts



Nrupam uses our marketing tools cleverly. She builds Email and WhatsApp campaigns on the platform itself through which she’s seen 10x conversion rates.


Mango Feed

Nrupam finds the Feed section to be highly effective. She regularly shares updates about her upcoming workshops and also shares exclusive content with her community.



Nrupam knows the value add of certificates on CV. So, she uses it as a bonus to her subscribers. It increases registrations and even her credibility as an art instructor