Here’s how Sunaina, a self-taught baker,scaled up her revenue 15x through tagmango!

Sunaina Khera

Sunaina Khera

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Who is Sunaina Khera?

Sunaina Khera aka It's Bake Time is a self-taught baker who specialises in theme-cakes.Using her culinary skills, Sunaina doles out her knowledge and expertise with home-bakers, cake lovers and basically anyone interested in the art of baking in the form of workshops.

So far, she has made Rs 1.8 lakh (USD 2300) on TagMango in just 5 months. While sponge cakes and fondant cakes are her specialty, Sunaina believes in innovating in the kitchen as well as during workshops.

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How Sunaina uses TagMango?

Here’s a list of tools Sunaina uses to scale her workshop and course business

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Using the coupon codes, she regularly incentivises her loyal audiences which fosters better relationships with her community.



She launches Email and WhatsApp campaigns with one click, and even schedules various campaigns. With effective marketing, Sunaina has seen 3 times the conversion rates.

Mango Feed

Mango Feed

Sunaina loves interacting with her subscribers and finds that the Feed option is highly effective. She regularly posts updates about her upcoming workshops and shares exclusive content with her community

Mango  Chat Room

Mango Chat Room

Sunaina regularly shares exclusive and workshop recipes with her subscribers in the respective Mango Rooms of her offerings. She finds it extremely easy to communicate with everyone.