Here’s how Manish Kumar a.k.a The Chartistt, a 22-YO Trader &Technical Analyst, earned Rs 1 Crore on TagMango!

Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar a.k.a The Chartistt

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Who is Manish Kumar?

This 22-YO firebrand has been doling out his financial know-how about stock market and Crypto to his community. Hailing from Jamshedpur, Manish is TagMango’s highest earner consistently. With his earnings on the platform, he could also fulfil his father’s dream of owning a car.The platform allows him to regularly stay connected with his community and he optimally uses TagMango to scale!

Till date, he has earned around Rs 1 Crore on TagMango.

Why Finance Niche Creators Use TagMango!


How Manish Kumar uses TagMango?

Here’s a list of tools Manish Kumar uses to scale her workshop and course business

Landing Page Builder

Landing Page Builder

Our in-built feature allows Manish to create professional-looking websites within 10 minutes to better sell his offerings.


Unique Upsell

Through this Manish sells his premium offerings during live workshops without directing subscribers to any other webpage. It can happen right on the call.



He seamlessly creates full-fledged courses, complete with sections, chapters, resources and a lot more



He effectively launches Email and WhatsApp campaigns with one click and attracts more subscribers.