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Get a bird’s eye view of all the important data points and insights about everything relevant to you! The Overview section collates information from all the other subsections.



Take stock of all your earnings in the last six months, visually presented for easy comparison and comprehension.

This is how you’ll see your earnings

Visually understand
Visually understand your past six months’ earnings
Graph earnings
Hover over the graph to see month-wise earnings
Redirect to the Earning
Easily redirect to the Earning & Withdrawal section from here itself
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Trending Mangoes

Trending Mangoes

Mangoes are your offerings on the platform. In an instant, understand which are the Top 3 ones, and get its stats in a concise snippet.

This is how you will see the Trending Mangoes section

best performing
See top 3 and best performing offerings
Check earnings
Check earnings, subscribers data and more.
Edit Description
Edit Mango Description from here itself
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Trending Coupons

Trending Coupons

Coupons are a great lead magnet for your offerings. Get information about the top performing ones in a succinct manner.

This is how the Trending Coupons section will appear

Review Coupon Codes
Review your Top 4 Coupon Codes based on usage
Check Earnings
Check Earnings through a particular coupon code and how many times it’s been used
Easily sort
Easily sort them according to categories
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