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Landing Page

Marketers swear by Landing Pages as one of the most effective tools. Choose from pre-existing templates & create a landing page in under 10 minutes and enjoy better conversions!

Pre-curated Templates

Pre-curated Templates

We have pre-existing templates readily editable that’ll help you make your own landing page within minutes.

This is how you can use a pre-existing template

Kickass designs
Kickass designs are readily available
Totally customisable
Totally customisable. Add/Remove sections
Takes 10 minutes
Takes 10 minutes to create
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Pre-curated Templates

Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Landing Pages are also a great way to generate leads. You can set up automated pop-ups to collect details of your visitors.

This is how you can use exit-intent pop-ups

Define your own call-to-action
Link a coupon code
Link a coupon code and offer discounts and increase conversions
Set the time
Set the time for the pop-up to appear
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It’s a great marketing tactic that comes in handy to generate FOMO. If your offering is exclusive and for a limited time, people tend to be enticed by it more.

This is how you can use timer

Highlight Offers/discounts
Highlight Offers/discounts
Days, hours, minutes, seconds
Easily edit days, hours, minutes, seconds
Prominent call-to-action
Add prominent call-to-action
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Apart from these, get access to a bunch of other tools which can help you scale your workshops and courses and help you achieve financial freedom!