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Marketing Functions

TagMango offers a wide variety of tools to help you scale your workshops and course revenue through various integrated marketing features.

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Creating coupon codes is one of the most popular methods to encourage sales. They can be used as seasonal discounts, introductory discounts, upsell discounts, etc.

This is how you can create and share coupon codes

Add Percentage
Add Percentage or flat discounts
Restrict coupon
Restrict coupon usage
Set duration
Set duration for which the coupon can stay valid
Set price
Set minimum or maximum price for a coupon
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Email Marketing and WhatsApp campaigns are a great way to promote your offering. You can easily launch WhatsApp and Email campaigns not only to your existing subscribers, but also to potential ones from the platform itself!

This is how you can launch WhatsApp and Email campaigns

Customise WhatsApp or Email message, and even schedule campaigns
Import subscribers
Import subscribers from existing service or upload a CSV of potential subscribers
Check campaign
Check campaign stats like open rate, click rate, seen rate, total campaigns, etc
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Leads Management

Leads Management

Effectively manage all your leads here - whether they are existing subscribers or a different audience. The leads that are collected through the exit-intent forms are collated here.

This is how you can check and manage your leads

Filter leads
Filter leads by date or services
Download data
Select specific or all leads and download data as CSV
Start Email/WhatsApp campaign for selected leads
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Apart from these, get access to a bunch of other tools which can help you scale your workshops and courses and help you achieve financial freedom!