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Chartistt, Umar Punjabi and other finance creators are making lakhs💸 through TagMango.

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TagMango provides you with a one-stop solution to launch your finance workshops and courses within minutes!

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Why finance niche creators Use TagMango!

We've become a haven for 1000+ Finance Creators. Our suite of friction-free, handy tools and features make us their go-to platform to build workshops and courses on and launch their offerings within minutes.


TagMango Tools

We’ve got a bunch of handy, friction-free, simple tools to help you build your next finance workshop or course!

Landing Page builder

Choose from pre-existing templates & create a landing page in under 10 minutes and enjoy better conversions!

Conversion-friendly template

Crafted using the industry analysis, choose from pre-curated conversion-friendly templates

Drag and Drop

Drag, drop or delete sections of landing page as per your convenience

Exit intent pop-ups

Generate quality leads and set up automated pop-ups to collect details of your visitors

Ready within 10 minutes

Create, edit, customise landing page using pre-curated templates & better your conversation rate

Learn how to create your own landing page

Launch Campaigns

Launch WhatsApp and Email campaigns to promote your offering right from the platform itself!

WhatsApp Campaigns

Create and send personalised WhatsApp messages to your existing community and leads

Email Campaigns

Create and send email campaigns to your community and potential leads

Targeted and personalised campaigns

Customise campaigns, share regular updates to increase ROI and foster your community

In-built Analytics

Measure success and stats of campaigns and use insights to increase effectiveness

Learn how to create campaigns

Coupon Codes

To incentivise your loyal community or to entice purchases, you can build and add coupon codes with a click!

Create within seconds

Built customisable coupon codes within seconds and link them to your offerings

Add Percentage or flat discount

Customise coupon codes by percentage-wise discount or adding flat discounted value

Restrict coupon usage

Restrict usage by adding the number of times it can be used

Set validity

Run promotional offer for first few customers or for a limited promotional period

Learn how to create coupon codes


Build and publish courses from scratch within minutes. Its never been this easy!

Best in class LMS

Highly efficient Learning Management System that helps you track and analyse course status

Easy to outline Course structure

Complete with sections and chapters, craft an interactive course structure

Resource-rich Content

Add supporting resources, workbooks, cheatsheets, & more seamlessly in each chapter/module

Automate Certificates

Automate sending certificates to subscribers post course completion

Learn how to create courses

Top Finance Creators USE our platform

They've loved using TagMango to scale their business - and so will you!


It’s like I’ve got a team backing me all the time. Every feature is beautifully integrated in order to facilitate my sessions in the smoothest possible way. 

 Umar Punjabi

See how Umar used TagMango to host value driven workshops

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It was Tagmango that recognised my talent as a creator. I now have over 1500 students now and over 10mil in earnings, all thanks to you guys and the superb product!

The Chartistt

See how The Chartistt used TagMango to host value driven workshops

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  • How can I become a Creator of TagMango?


    It is easy-peasy. Simply sign up, add your details, and you can start hosting workshops and courses.

  • How can I monetise on TagMango?


    By building workshops and courses and monetising through your existing audiences.

  • What is the number of followers I need to have to become a Creator on TagMango?


    Your social media following doesn’t matter. You could have 100 or 1000 or 1 million followers. All you need is your skills and a community who wishes to learn from you.

  • If I am a Creator, can I subscribe to someone else’s courses and workshops?


    Absolutely! You can subscribe to a different creator on the platform. If you want to subscribe to someone, you just have to search for them and subscribe to one of their mangoes once their profile opens.

  • Why should I become a Creator on TagMango and not any other platform?


    Because we are the simplest platform to host workshops and courses on. Our suite of handy tools will simplify your monetisation journey. You can check out our Features page that will show you what all we offer.