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What we do?

tagmango is adding a new dimension to the digital advertising space and change the way brands market themselves. All this while, brands have always marketed to the consumer, however with tagmango, we empower brands to market through their consumers to their potential consumers. We are a platform where brands, will incorporate You, a nano influencer with 500+ followers on social media in their marketing campaigns.

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You love posting on social media, don’t you? It’s time you get rewarded for it. Get paid for partnering and posting about brands on your social media.


Brands love their nano influencer partners and they send you amazing freebies, dresses, gadgets, and merchandise. Just don’t forget to show it off!

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Be a part of the mangonian community and get access to exclusive brand events, product launches and get to engage with the stars of the community.

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People like you and I with a minimum followership of 500 on social media platforms. Nano Influencers are the ones with the highest engagement rate on any social media platform. Earn by posting on social media and partnering with the biggest brands in the world and become a part of a much larger community of mangonians.

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Frequently asked questions

How much do I get paid?

It varies from person to person! There are a lot of factors that we take into consideration, but don’t worry you can always improve with better content! The payout ranges from Rs. 100 to even Rs. 2500 per post.

Can I sign up with a private Instagram?

You must temporarily make your account public during the sign up process on the app. However, once you’ve signed up, you can make it private again after that.

Does everyone with 500+ followers get to partner with brands?

We want to give our brand partners the best experience so each nano-influencer profile goes through a certain number of parameter checks before they can participate in any campaign.

What kind of brands will nano-influencers be collaborating with?

We don’t see the limit, tagmango has already partnered and is open to partnerships with brands across different verticals.

How will tagmango know if an account has authentic or bot followers?

One of the parameters in the parameter check mentioned above is follower authenticity. Any profile which has grown using follower bots won’t be allowed to participate in campaigns.

Do I need to have a business page for it?

No, you need not convert to a business profile to associate with tagmango.