Mango Talk 2.0 - Our very own community meets.

Formerly known as Mangonian meets, Mango Talk 2.0 is our very own initiative where we give a platform to budding artists in our community to show their talent and engage with the community.

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A new dimension of Brand Marketing

Word of Mouth

tagmango takes word of mouth digital for your brand by making your brand’s targeted audience see your product or service being promoted from a collective source that they trust.

Cost Effective

tagmango makes sure you get the best out of your marketing budget by providing up to 70% lesser Cost Per Reach than conventional social media marketing.

No Hassle

With tagmango, we take care of creating and moderating content for each nano influencer so you can sip your tea in peace and we do the rest.


Avg. Engagement Rate


Nano Influencers


Cumulative Reach


Lesser Cost / Reach

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Lets Talk Numbers

tagmango has onboarded a pool of nano influencers (individuals with 500-10,000 followers) of age groups 15-35 years from various walks of life with different interests. Our algorithm automatically searches our database by age, gender, location, interests, quality and aesthetic to build the community that is the perfect fit for you.

mangonian highlights

The Community that Influences

Earn Money

As Millennials, we love sharing our lives on Social Media. Join tagmango and get paid to do what you love. Post & Earn, it’s that simple.

Get Freebies

Want to wear that gorgeous dress? Want that new cool app? Want to taste that new pizza from the cafe? We got you covered!

Become a Star

Get Exclusive access to new products, exclusive event invites, meet the mangonian community stars and engage with the faces of top brands.


A Big-Nano-Family that influences

A rewarding platform for every day Social Media users with 500+ followers to earn money, get freebies, exclusive brand merchandises and perks by just posting on Instagram.

Choose the brand and the campaign you want to partner with, apply for it with your Instagram profile. Go creative with your pictures, post on Instagram and earn money, get freebies and exclusive brand perks. Don’t forget to show it off, you earned it!

Brand Partners

Market to your potential consumers through your consumers

Market your product with User Generated Content that reaches the right audience that’s interested in your product or service, making you reach your consumers through a better and more authentic medium.

Contact our team and associate your brand as a brand partner, tell us your objectives, sit back, relax and see your brand reach your potential consumers with our nano influencers.

Case Study

Highlights of our latest Campaign



Sweetish House Mafia, Hungerford Street’s aim was to get people excited about their special Valentine’s Day Cookies and inspire purchases, increase engagement and brand awareness.



#shmwhatislove campaign was run where a highly targeted group of 50 individuals with unique follower set were delivered cookies from Sweetish House Mafia and were asked to post about what ”love” means to them and post a link in bio for purchases.



tagmango’s nano-influencers generated original content for Sweetish House Mafia in a period of 2 days to try their new Valentine’s day cookies. The nano-influencers were able to expose the brand to over 75,000 Instagram users, drive more than 1000 clicks to their page and generate sales.

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Frequently asked questions

How much do I get paid?

It varies from person to person! There are a lot of factors that we take into consideration, but don’t worry you can always improve with better content! The payout ranges from Rs. 100 to even Rs. 2500 per post.

Can I sign up with a private Instagram?

You must temporarily make your account public during the sign up process on the app. However, once you’ve signed up, you can make it private again after that.

Does everyone with 500+ followers get to partner with brands?

We want to give our brand partners the best experience so each nano-influencer profile goes through a certain number of parameter checks before they can participate in any campaign.

What kind of brands will nano-influencers be collaborating with?

We don’t see the limit, tagmango has already partnered and is open to partnerships with brands across different verticals.

How will tagmango know if an account has authentic or bot followers?

One of the parameters in the parameter check mentioned above is follower authenticity. Any profile which has grown using follower bots won’t be allowed to participate in campaigns.

Do I need to have a business page for it?

No, you need not convert to a business profile to associate with tagmango.