Our Value Proposition

A new dimension of Brand Marketing

Word of Mouth

Don't you go have pizza at the place where your friend tells you to? We get hundreds of your friends to tell you the same.

Cost Effective

Your customers pay you for your products, don’t they? Now imagine them marketing for your brand as well.

Everyday Users

When you get potential everyday people talking about you, they will not just pay for your services, but get you even more.

Better Engagement

We bet you won't get a lower cost per engagement for your marketing campaign through any other platform or medium.

User Generated Content

Tired of paying big budgets to produce good content? How about we get you a year’s content with 1 campaign?

Targeted Reach

Have a particular target market or a specific set of people to cater to? We make those people know who you are and make them love you.


Cost Per Engagement


Nano Influencers


Cumulative Reach


More Engagement


Let's Talk Numbers

With a base of nano influencers from the different walks of life, having different interests and personalities, TagMango can get your brand the people you want and the market you want to associate to. Our algorithm automatically searches our database by age, gender, location, interests, quality and aesthetic to build the community that is the perfect fit for you.


Creating awareness and getting users to engage with the platform; #TheZeroInvestment

The brand awareness campaign run by Meesho, India’s first reselling company to be funded by Facebook, saw users sharing content consisting of the Brand’s USP. The campaign saw a great reach amongst their target audience.

The campaign generated a reach over 260k and a 7% engagement, which was a tremendous number, considering it was a non-UGC campaign. Influencers also generated activity on the platform by completing sales.


Create excitement about the event to increase footfall for the food festival which was being held in Chennai; #GIRFTakeover

The influencers put up 3 stories, starting one week prior to the day of the event, every alternate day. The final day saw them covering the entire event through their stories. Some went live, some put up polls and QnA’s which generated a lot of interest around the event.

With the number of stories generated throughout the week, the overall views were north of 270k, with average story views coming to 1343 and a 70k engagement.

Tea Junction

Tea Junction drove online orders and awareness for their newly introduced product - Bubble Tea

TagMango chose a highly targeted group of college students and working professionals to create word of mouth endorsements in Kolkata. The Mangonians were asked to order the new product online and try it out for themselves. This made for great content and authentic recommendations to their friends.

TagMango’s influencers generated 838 link clicks with 100 posts that were directed to online ordering for the Bubble Tea product, hence increasing both awareness and orders for the brand. A 13.26% engagement was generated for the campaign, where the CPE was Rs. 2.43.

Alma Mater

Promote their new range of Yoga T-shirts around International Yoga Day; #YogaWithAlmaMater

To ensure the promotion of the new range, nano influencers put up user-generated content with regards to the importance of Yoga. The aesthetic nature of the posts caught the eye of the target audience, which led to substantial lead generation and peak in engagement for the brand.

With an estimated reach of 217k, the campaign led to 727 link clicks and an engagement rate of over 16.11% for the brand, making it a massively successful campaign.

our clients

Meet The Brands in the Mango Basket

TagMango is proud to have top brands across different verticals and categories as its clients who took the nano influencer marketing route and saw the benefits that come along the path. Together, we achieved huge success as social media went abuzz with consumers talking to other potential ones, helping brands reach their goals and make the most out of their marketing budget.

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Frequently asked questions

How much do I pay for each post?

TagMango's influencers receive a varied range of benefits from each campaign. These benefits are customized for each of our brand partners. The benefits may be in the form of payouts, free product or service, exclusive perks or a combination of these. For campaigns with direct payouts, the payments range from Rs. 150/- to Rs. 1000/- per post.

How are the influencers selected for my brand?

For every user who applies to your campaign, TagMango performs a thorough analysis of each of their profiles and only chooses the best fitted ones on the basis of Engagement rate, authenticity, interests, location and 7 more such metrics of their profile.

Can you ensure real followers and engagement (No fake bots)?

TagMango's User profiling and analytics system checks each influencer's profile for fake engagement and followers and doesn't approve them if any such prohibited activity is found in their profiles.

Why should I choose nano-influencers over bigger influencers?

Nano-influencers have a much lesser percentage of fake followers and upto 7X average engagement rate on their profiles as compared to bigger influencers giving you a much better value for your money. Also, do you know Ellen DeGeneres' Instagram has over 58% fake followers?

I want influencers in a particular region. Is that possible?

We love hyperlocal campaigns and so do our influencers. In store visits? Or a small delivery area? We'll take care of that.